Thursday, October 28, 2010

“my wheel ate my back pack for a trented bear”

all it does is go around.
with a small sniff of the ear.
He only plays to win the game.
Something is not matching up hear.
doused in a seductive shame
knowledge is to conquer fear.
comeon make it one more year!

It died when i was 14.
she was born in the 1800s.
she died in 98.
which 98?
theres one 98 every 100.
So when you say 98,
you assume my domain is in
the 98 that your 98 is in.
In Every 100 is one 98
within an infinite domain of 100s.
So when you say 98,
you are referring to an infinite amount of numbers.
98 is every number.
Don't tell me 98.
give me a real number.
Give me every number.
98 is every number.

system dot out dot print line

Dear Mr.Burma STOP
I will be visiting your house this Sunday for tea STOP
now that you live alone, I may bring my pups STOP
one is three STOP
one is five STOP
one is two STOP
and the rest are 98 STOP
The weather is supposed to be nice
so let's sip outside STOP
Tim Murchison is in from Australia STOP
He's an advocate of child labour and illicit arms STOP
Not like those kind of arms. STOP
like fire arms STOP
not like those kind of fire arms STOP
like like like STOP
Just don't forget to bring your kids and bring your guns STOP
Sincerely, Mr. Myanmar

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