Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Award-winning copywriter, creative director, advertising agency owner, entrepreneur.

Arthur Negus, Milk MenStephanie Kwolek, Hannah Barbera, Robert Fripp, Frank ZappaThelonious Monk, Vasco de Gama, Kurt Vonnegut, Benjamin Church, Ken Michael "Snake" Stabler, Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson, Kenny Hotz,  Christian Okoye, Dale Gribble,  London Tipton, Kilgore Trout,  Bob Odenkirk, Tiger Lilly, Kyle Wellwood, Brian Scalabrine,  Robert F. Kennedy, William F. Buckley Jr., Francis Lightfoot Lee, Takeru Kobayashi, Orange Julius, Stanislav Petrov, Ida M. Tarbell, Tommy Wiseau, Maria Bamford, Rick Steves, Horace Mann, Marian Hossa, Bob Esponja, Matthew Lyon, Daniel Webster,  Gregory Peck, James K. Polk,  Ron Paul, Spiny Norman, Gary Dahl, Robert LaFollette, Rachel Carson, Vijay Balse,  Admiral Ackbar, Varg Vikernes,  Lennie Small,  Zora Neale Hurston.

B.F. Skinner in his later years.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Darren Maddocks will have no such display of necklace.

I have a few million dollars in my banking account. I sit on them. The money piles. SMILES. It's like a flamethrower. It hurts your skin devils your vital organs boil. The raced horse barn fell. Staring with a quest like most stories go.
Don't get me wrong! Lot's of famous Americans wore turtle necks: Villard de Honnecourt, Jean Pucelle, Pierre Lescot, and the rest of the '58 Milwaukee Braves.
That brings me to my point: technology is an outreach of our continuing intelligence. But is it really? Is it not just a collective sum of all human experience? Are we guided in the dark by "experts" (wealthy) like sheeps in a dream. Twenty Two... Twenty Three... Twenty Four... GIGABITES.
I got it from my nephew, Darren Maddocks. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family Matter (Liquid, Solid, Gas).

My Great Uncle does't have any kids. 

Does anyone need this cat? Ill have her for a pint of syrup.

Furry little animals. 
Look at this little cat. 
Shes golden.
And wears three (maybe a fourth on the opposite angle) beautiful roses on her head.
Not the cutest cat.
But let a lone.
The natural predator of the cat include (but not limited to): Harpie Eagle, Golden Eagle, Anaconda, Rock Pythons, Ocelots, Jaguarundi, Pumas.
Eyes are the passage way to the soul; obviously this felines got a bad case of the WHOOPING COUFF.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Only the Japanese Pottery, Poetry; pardon the misspelling.

As my avid followers may know, I am a man of the world, A conesquxer  of travels, as the French would say. But I have never been to French. No-no-noo. I have seen it all! I have been to the four corners of the world; i.e. March, April, Mayjune, July. For a recreational trip to the wonderland of Asia. To Japan, for buzinezz of course, the preferred meeting place for some of my more "special clients"; e.g. black market dolphin meats. We meet at a office building, or as the Japanese say makutsu. Look at the sky, look at the river, isn't it good? I would ask the old inn keeper. He would curse and the ground. And have a conversation with a swan. Old Japanese makutsu owner knew the nature. He was one with the nature. Wrote haikus on bamboo paper. I walked. Not just walked. But with the makutsu man. In between my dealings of meat from the poultry of the sea, I wrote. And in this inn I was learned by old man to wrote nature poems. All nature plus these word order made beautiful meaningful messages(/massages). Below I have my most recent poem. It is in Japanese and the translation is very tricky, so try to bair with me. The words may be off just a little but I think you'll catch my jyst, as the English say.

"Lady and Orudomanriba" [Roughly Translated and] Written By Paul.
As the river is reflected in the red sky. 
Water Lillies, will play at other schools as a child. 
This is the skyline of a single black bird, you should use a high motivation to give it.
Except for this fact, the damage, but depends on the victim. 
Please refer. 
Marsh crickets 1000 Symphony whole night. 
One man's dream of staying together. 
Promote a new life to reach public land that has the same ground yesterday. 
Simultaneous frogs, swans, water areas and mud baths. 
Old Man has arrived. 
For him, the life of the order, young people, to extend the form of letters a year come to the same place, please to meet new friends. 
Elderly range tropospheric flow. 
She is clearly now the secret of her wise old man. 
Ancient women knew the river world. 
Mutual earth opening her sex had brought so many opportunities. 
The origin of new life as a baby in each lottery. 
The old patron / guardian saw. 
You have seen a miracle. 
Wind and fire. 
Dance Dance Foxtrot. The invention of new life. 
I have this guy I finally met my time to die. 
He taught in the center of the river as a young woman. 
He knows the risk of drifting, there was a planet. 
He arrived at by using the breath, the day it called to die permanently stopped and the river which separates the earth. 
Method, it is a fact dying, helping to investigate the boy taught the world to learn the river where he was using all I have to do. 
He died that evening. 
I was quietly buried. 
I fell in love with the second letter.
For me, the old man, from here it's time. 
Tilt, professor. 'This is to here upon don't, it becomes the world of fire.