Monday, October 11, 2010

“Darkness Inspires Cheers [part two]”

In a world of darkness,
In a primitive new time
one few could bring lightness
to make the Earth Shine!
Some of the bravest men
are the world explorers
a glottalization omen
will confront all horrors.
The English begun
Drake, Raleigh,
Cabot, and Hudson
discovering secrets of the marine
all for Her Majesty the Queen.
The Spanish, brutal conquistadorro
Columbus, De Soto, Cortes, Pizarro
Cruel and breakneck
conquered the Inca and Aztec.
The French were not as insane
Joliet, Marquette, and Champlain
Going North to Canada
with a French vendetta.
But the best were not these,
the best were Portuguese.
Magellan went the world round!
Unfortunately he drowned.
The man who was full of drama
known better as Vasco de Gama.
Don't forget Bartolomeu Dias and Cabral
There's too many to name them all!
Remember when you go to the zoo,
or buy shampoo, or paddle a canoe,
or eat tofu, or Play Clue, or drink a brew,
or fix your hairdo, or throw horseshoe,
or hang out with your nephew,
or sneeze in a tissue.

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