Friday, October 1, 2010

From Spanish 'buscar', which is of unknown origin in that language

And only to begin the adventure again.
You reflect, nothing is the same as it once was different
ten to fifty years with the unenumerated fines
cycles repeat, again we are where we were
the cards run dry, material ideals cure the unworthy soul
with a few in the drive way a new addiction appears
a dutch colonial holds about 8 comfortably
it falls together and the family settles
a new perspective, new people
external loci litters the brain
strange it seems like yesterday you were out
going by, expanding the mind
the days, weeks, months, fortnights, years, decade.
My uncle owns a few wagons, and kennels
you mind if I join along?
It's a decent start,
better than what we have now.
Lease a leash for unleashed logs
after the night because of the night,
new thoughts appears
not a bumble bee and deniablely no turtle
another clug for mr. brug
shifting mindsets provide new outlooks
vertical vertical horizontal vertical
mixed with elder and young, a triangle taste.
The beat is flemish.
It lacks fear, it lacks phobia.
You've never not wanted to be hear.
Blueberry painted walls.
Gingerbread scents float from persons
stools occupied by friendly personalities
mustached host warms the rooms with laughter
waitresses with her hair down long volume-ist
oak tainted doors provide a fresh entrance
after a 40 minute drive they arrive
new beginning, time to start again
the crayons are lost for speech
the news is the immediate lack of income
careful words besides a nostalgic reminiscent
call is urgent, a Nessie advise from an old friends
greets with a salutation
the phone rings like a twindle
the new three four,
the ol' one two
the rhino guy is immune at penury
talking upright, but sing energy
but haps pay off
I hear you actually do stuff
hardly a yoga class
experimenting with minds and bodies
over and over and over and over
perils of punishment
he;s mad, a mad stein.
I wish I was sitting next to Pat.
ecstasy remnants of Faulkner latch key kiddies
coughing up a Washington
the letters didn't fill in.
lack of beat is a nothingness beat.
Couldn't move to the beat.
Didn't work, it had no beat.
He tried before with carbon monoxide.
Night in lonely eights, suicidal thoughts
not his crowd but surely his people
the city calls him midgets transsexuals
done with horses, he's moved on.
Kerosene starts young, when he was 18.
still following through with the numbers and coins.
Emancipating the addiction.
Lady in the car, man it filling
boy in the kitchen, girl in the bedroom
the Rosecrans have none left
most of the time is a waste.
Never pays off
43 42 41 20 17 33
mr. Rosecrans plays every-week in need of crave
I met back in Milwaukee
resembling that flappy eared man
all gone! Washed away! In need of clean!
The rain has perished the cuticles of men
Ahh Gary! Look at your hair!
Parks and streets of lowly meadows.
Quantum cries, pasture meadow.
Progress means external watersides.
Work on your damn bicycle!
Is to be along, not harry's uncle
subdivides the main intention, to move along
dark eyed, powerless, blue pants, melato lines
dash dash dash dot dash dot dot dot
the Morse code of waring confederates
flying up, up, up, up, up,
but the city is filled
it haunts the theories.
Universes collide in the subtle ways
about four. As come to music to magic.
Sallys draws not just two
everyone in our class would draw pictures
emergency exit lift this bar
you don;t have to be rich, but you need a pulse
the primitive victory stand to common man
the foot stand
from saul to paul and sinners to winners
flowing slowly from wall to wall
master Jackson swifter the ends
looking for the hardwood floors
windows in the house.


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