Monday, October 25, 2010

"Broadmore" a compliation of pieces by F.Zappa and Angus O'Reily O'Patrick Maginny

burnt wind 
heart stinks 

The blahhhaa was bitten by large brothers sails who cares now it is light.

"Alone in his hiss laboratory of his wishes Mr.Pue minces among bad bat and gerabome, spinnies of murdering herbs, and prepares to compound for Mrs.Pue a venomous porage hither to unknown to toxicologist which will stall then vibrate thought her till her ears fall off like figs, her toes grow big and black as balloons and steam comes screaming out of her naval" 
I want a garden.
I want a garden where the flowers have no flowers
I want a garden where the trees have no leaves.
I want a garden where the weeds don't even grow.
I want a garden.
I want my garden.
I want the garden where there are no colors.
I want to water that garden.
I'll garden that with my tears.
Want that garden was the trees, with the leaves.

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