Sunday, September 19, 2010

What I did last Friday.

"Infinitely jogging defines the character of the train as the locomotive symbolism spewing sprucing bows to a suzerain. 

Once the cars finally deceases nothing is left of the eternal runners; just fragments of memory pieces, a case of wild rumba shunners."

I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled!

40 stops at the end of the road
only to look forward in the urban Jungle.
Young native travels widowed,
the past junkie died uncivil
with vanity in his myocardium
resulting in a lack of income.
Not unlike the Kresy
straggler continuous towards an illusory destiny.
She, for more, is buzzing 
for her Temple of the Cleansing
for her sheep and oxen
for her knowledge of Father's disapproval,
As one would indulge in Friday's coddle.
As one would feed grapes to a Roman.
In order to make a deal,
she sacrificed one meal.
But her child's life she would defile
sending down the River Nile.
found by no Pharaoh;
the harsh felt federal bureau.
specializing in ignoring the ignored.
Coming not to bring peace, but to bring a sword. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

215 matches for "Chhabra" on

Someone had to invent them. I'm no Carl Sagan, but my beliefs are batteries are pretty damn important. After the toothbrush, the greatest invention of all time gotta be the battery! It makes so many things that usually wouldn't work work! Like Gameboys, homeboys, pagers, cellphones, wallets, key chains, cars, carts, alarms, watches, mules, paintings, picture frames, spoons, spiral stairs, spiral sitar, mercantile robots, Ronald Reagan's alma matter, calculators, DVDs, CD-RW, porcupine vases, road rage, train, Toy's 'R' Us, hampers, socks, snuggies, urinals, alters, pastimes, apple pie, mousetraps, mouse pads, rain coats, RnB music, name tags, Walmart, quill pens, Jello pudding, green veggies, pants, loitering, handkerchief, castles, hemp bracelets, knee braces, retainers, remainders, percent daily value, twist caps, shutters, earphones, pancreas, tile flooring, water boarding, Monday, Chinese democracy, Sinclair Gas Stations, bald spots, IRS, fortified pillow forts, non descriptive boxes,  blue tooths, blankets, carbon dating, ice cream, cubes, orange cups, cloud watching, drawing inside the lines, labels, mattress tags, washing instructions, wavelengths, parchment, Good Mornings, diminished 7th, macbooks, loose change, virtual pets,  legroom, leaches, pink Bic lighters, US Census, Pope Pius, sandstone, pied piper, Indiana Jones, rescue dogs, paper airplanes, storm chasers, regulatory ordinances, pineapple sauce, flies, tree trunks, pick-up lines, car rentals, sarcasm, apathy, passive-regressive, lead based paint chips, wealth distribution, doorknobs, typerwriters, educational workshops, election judges, glasses cleaners, book bindings, Vice presidential nominees, proper punctuation, Larry David, washboards, rocks, and bananas.

Batteries: invented when someone was a boy.

Is that a little corny?

It's aMAIZEing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

You're out of time out now.

1-800-555-0199 is the number to reach Sheriff Ramb. 


The waving water of the lagoon
simmering quietly in the shadows of the night.
Slowly approaching,
the hunter/gatherer stalks.

The celery patches shiver in the gale.

Fortifying securities, they anchor.
Witnessing the standoff as observers. 

Fourty thousand rocks per day!
7 daze a weak!
Ate weaks a year!

My sons stares up at Pops.
He's grown old.
I've stayed the same age, 
thanks to Loreal's new ageless lotion.

Benjy in the kitchen, on fire.
Caddy smells like rain.
Fire and rain make caveman sad.

the old man burns his tongue on one medium hot chocolate
the mint tea
medium also 

You boys like canoeing? 
The short shorts had ranged like a polynomial function.

I wish i majored in art!
Instead I delivered my life,
devoting all of it,
to portobello mushrooms.
with pesto. 
light on the cheese.

Legs Pegs Meg's Shegs.

Too many bees on the ceilings. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

St.Nick Russian Orthodox Church of Japan

I met this man,
at the tire store.
He told me son,
my kids are going out to college.
Do you like legos?
I replied "Where do I gos?"
"The sale of rummage! 
at the church, it just begun!"
It was less than a bore.
The priest was from Japan.

Monday, September 6, 2010


The number of ways as though it looks best
Tiger lion frog duck and belts 
the fashions of slaves with one of the rest,
your heart in my hand only will melts.
Captivating and Extrapolating,
Good Will Hunting at Good Will.
If a lion frog and duck were mating
to finish the bills on Capitol Hill.
Banish the old, Forty acres gold
Carving the sculpture of time.
Look at the north side and see the mold
to sink into the subtle sublime.
It's really not that big of a deal.
If you happen to miss just one meal. 

Cigarettes Ice Cream Figurines of the Virgin Mary.

Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp  
Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp  
Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp  
Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp Fripp  
He's better at guitar than you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Buk Critiques: "Flight" by Sherman Alexie.

     "Flight" by Sherman Alexie is one dirty, dirty book and should banned everywhere forever. Mr. Alexie manages to touch upon every controversial topic from racial profiling and stereotyping, to vulgar language! "Flight" is a book no teen (or adult for that matter) should ever read. Mr. Alexie fills this lousy excuse for literature with racism and false history and feeds it to a teen audience ready to absorb the obscenities like a Shamwow on a wet counter.
     Sherman Alexie purposely names the main character Zits (subliminally standing for "Zenophobes [xenophobes] In Trusting Service") an Irish Indian. As history shows, Native Americans and Irish are two of the most hated groups in American history. This sets up the story with a mixed bag of racial "low blows", for example; he continually pairs drinking with the Indian lifestyle and assumes all Native American children  are either orphans, illiterate, peyote babies, dysfunctional, juvenile delinquents, and have unhealthy skin (representing the poor quality of schools on Indian Reservations that leave scars on Native American teens). These rude and unnecessary racial stereotypes are evidence of why this book should be banned.
     A half Irish main character that swears often? Very subtle Mr. Alexie. "Flight" is drenched in swears like one would drench a dumpling is sweet honey on a bright Sunday's afternoon.  The unimaginative diction is unimpressive and offensive. The main character also directly refers to adults as "dude", when he should be saying "sir", "mister", or at the very least "comrade". No adult in their right mind would let their teen consume such filth! I would rather let my fourteen year old (and five month) son go to a live filming of "The Jerry Springer Show" than let him read this book. Alexie often mentions "Rock n' Roll" music without any forewarning on the cover! Satan's music will not be tolerated! This book should be banned from every book holding place forever because of its vulgar, dirty, dirty, vulgarism. 
     Mr. Alexie not only loves swears and racism, but he also loves guns. Not how Vice President Richard Chaney  loves guns, but how an unleashed delinquent loves guns. the main character is shot in the head and in a criminal setting; obviously promoting Alexie's pro-war, pro-gun, pro-gang agenda. Main character, Zits, also hijacks a plane! Not only a gunslinger but a terrorizing terror-maker! any book written by a terrorist ought to be banned forever!
     In essence, "Flight" is Sherman Alexie's ploy to relay his racist, demon worshiping, pro-gang terrorist anarchist agenda to the teen audience. Sherman Alexie is a prepubescent overly hormonal xenophobic version of Kurt Vonnegut who never developed basic writing skills to write a proper novel! "Flight" should be banned off the planet and to whoever reads this "book", God bless his soul.
This is what a bad book looks like.