Sunday, September 12, 2010


The waving water of the lagoon
simmering quietly in the shadows of the night.
Slowly approaching,
the hunter/gatherer stalks.

The celery patches shiver in the gale.

Fortifying securities, they anchor.
Witnessing the standoff as observers. 

Fourty thousand rocks per day!
7 daze a weak!
Ate weaks a year!

My sons stares up at Pops.
He's grown old.
I've stayed the same age, 
thanks to Loreal's new ageless lotion.

Benjy in the kitchen, on fire.
Caddy smells like rain.
Fire and rain make caveman sad.

the old man burns his tongue on one medium hot chocolate
the mint tea
medium also 

You boys like canoeing? 
The short shorts had ranged like a polynomial function.

I wish i majored in art!
Instead I delivered my life,
devoting all of it,
to portobello mushrooms.
with pesto. 
light on the cheese.

Legs Pegs Meg's Shegs.

Too many bees on the ceilings. 

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