Thursday, September 2, 2010

Buk Critiques: "Flight" by Sherman Alexie.

     "Flight" by Sherman Alexie is one dirty, dirty book and should banned everywhere forever. Mr. Alexie manages to touch upon every controversial topic from racial profiling and stereotyping, to vulgar language! "Flight" is a book no teen (or adult for that matter) should ever read. Mr. Alexie fills this lousy excuse for literature with racism and false history and feeds it to a teen audience ready to absorb the obscenities like a Shamwow on a wet counter.
     Sherman Alexie purposely names the main character Zits (subliminally standing for "Zenophobes [xenophobes] In Trusting Service") an Irish Indian. As history shows, Native Americans and Irish are two of the most hated groups in American history. This sets up the story with a mixed bag of racial "low blows", for example; he continually pairs drinking with the Indian lifestyle and assumes all Native American children  are either orphans, illiterate, peyote babies, dysfunctional, juvenile delinquents, and have unhealthy skin (representing the poor quality of schools on Indian Reservations that leave scars on Native American teens). These rude and unnecessary racial stereotypes are evidence of why this book should be banned.
     A half Irish main character that swears often? Very subtle Mr. Alexie. "Flight" is drenched in swears like one would drench a dumpling is sweet honey on a bright Sunday's afternoon.  The unimaginative diction is unimpressive and offensive. The main character also directly refers to adults as "dude", when he should be saying "sir", "mister", or at the very least "comrade". No adult in their right mind would let their teen consume such filth! I would rather let my fourteen year old (and five month) son go to a live filming of "The Jerry Springer Show" than let him read this book. Alexie often mentions "Rock n' Roll" music without any forewarning on the cover! Satan's music will not be tolerated! This book should be banned from every book holding place forever because of its vulgar, dirty, dirty, vulgarism. 
     Mr. Alexie not only loves swears and racism, but he also loves guns. Not how Vice President Richard Chaney  loves guns, but how an unleashed delinquent loves guns. the main character is shot in the head and in a criminal setting; obviously promoting Alexie's pro-war, pro-gun, pro-gang agenda. Main character, Zits, also hijacks a plane! Not only a gunslinger but a terrorizing terror-maker! any book written by a terrorist ought to be banned forever!
     In essence, "Flight" is Sherman Alexie's ploy to relay his racist, demon worshiping, pro-gang terrorist anarchist agenda to the teen audience. Sherman Alexie is a prepubescent overly hormonal xenophobic version of Kurt Vonnegut who never developed basic writing skills to write a proper novel! "Flight" should be banned off the planet and to whoever reads this "book", God bless his soul.
This is what a bad book looks like. 

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