Sunday, October 3, 2010

"The Room" Poetical Adaptation

Embracing the entire living space
revealing the gift of a red dress
confused by the look on her face
Denny enters forcing the lot to progress.
"I'm sleepy, nap time" forges the couple.
two's great but three's a crowd.
buying them eight minutes to fondle. 
morning alarm clock is loud. 
shot of trolley downtown. 
come to the couch now sit down.
buying a house, boring is he,
I can't talk now i am busy.
the music, sexy dress, the wine.
it really takes no Einstein. 
strokes of the beard hairs,
doin it on the spiral stairs. 
didnt see you there,
oh hai doggy 
you cant drink this you must be crazy
but tommy beware
after you make love to her
a strike moral defines 
definitely have breast cancer.
now he's seeing dollar signs. 
chocolate is the symbol of love 
forgotten underwear above. 
hey look it's full house
mom i need a new spouse
where's my money?
why are you ganging up on me?
Denny thats not something you do!
what do you mean i just saw you?
deep conversations on a rooftop suite
beat her up so bad ended up in a hospital on Guerrero street.
you're my best friend and I love Lisa so much,
thanks you paying my tuition and such. 
sharing secrets from the heart
Lisa you are tearing me apart!
Do you understand life? 
There goes my future wife...
panoramic of golden gate bridge
a football scrimmage 
chilling in the alley 
look there's mark, say hi,
underwear man
pushed into a garbage can. 
secrets you can't believe you are hearing!
i will record everything!
not the ideal tech user
talking life with Peter. 
Bay to Breakers is a fun heap
Cheeeep Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheeep Cheeeeeep
Peter quit playing shrink
I'm busy, do you want a drink?
He knows what you're trying to hide
Just hold him over the side. 
Hey nice tux,
look at the babyface,
landing on his buttocks 
maybe shoes he should re-lace.
One medium chocolate,
Sit down, we'll be with  you in one minute. 
Tommy is such a sneaky snake.
You interested in some cheesecake? 
More of lisa's horseplay.
Another shot of the SanFran Bay.
Golden Gate park at 6:30.
Are you trying to make my house dirty?
Running up and down the stairs, 
Lisa sharing her despairs. 
Claudette is so very wise,
Happy Birthday Johnny Surprise! 
a party filled with fanfare!
Hey everybody let's go outside for some fresh air.
You planned this all along
Get on with the plot, dont prolong!  
Enter's the mysterious prophet!
keep your stupid comments in your pocket!
You invited all my friends, good thinking!
party moves on with more bad acting. 
I feel like I'm sitting on an atomic bomb waiting for it to go off. 
Inside, a Johnny and Mark standoff. 
I fed up with this WHIRL!
Forced in the bathroom because of this girl. 
multiple anger attacks
paired with sexual flashbacks
toss tv's out windows
countless other things he throws. 
God Forgive me!
Why oh why tommy! 

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