Saturday, January 29, 2011

Men and Women Eating Fruit Salad!

they’re hungry
they look hungry
they-- they--
they’re too happy I get concerned.
they-- they--
they attract the attention
they just pose
they just act
they just-- they just.
Some black ones.
Some pregnant ones.
Some balding ones.
they just--- look hungry.
Don’t get me wrong here I’m not talking about little African babies.
Though precious children, Bless our hearts, are very hungry.
But they-- oh, they’re fake.
they-- they--
they exploit it.
they’re hungry.
Sure they snack on the red raspberries and the haughty honeydew and the illustrious orange and the occasional kiwi and, and the purple spheres plopping into their pieholes like a proud and profound Roman.
they’re hungry.
they’re hungry for the green fruit that grows with their ego.
they are full of food but they still need something more.
they live in small populations. yet,
they feed the most. And forget about sharing.
they keep it all for themselves.
they try to drink from the watering hole like the rest of us, but a little gleaming tear of the common man’s drink trickles down they’re face.
they don’t think we notice.
but we do.
we know they look hungry.
they are hungry.

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